How to deal with Students’ interruptions

Yesterday , I start my lesson as usual with a discussion as an introduction for my next lesson. Then one of my student interrupt me and said “Please teacher I would like to go to bathroom .Another one interrupt me .Then he said ” Please ,teacher punish my collegue (Why!) ,because he throws me

Actually, we as teachers  have a particular syllabus which should be covered in a semester .So topics are distributed within specific periods .

In this case ,if there are unnecessary interruptions during explanation’s time ,this means teacher will not be able to find enough time to complete the lesson during the stated time.

For instance,I am teaching English as a foreign language to Arab students .My students are divided into two groups .Some of them are motivated and interested while the others are completely disinterested .Those who are motivated sometimes ask questions ,that if I should answer all of them.It might be too time consuming and the lesson for that period will not be completed.On the other hand ,the disinterested one ask questions with the aim of causing absolute distraction from the lesson being discussed .

In dealing with this situation,I discussed this issue with one of my colleagues ,and he gave me a golden advice .That I should hang a poster which is for questions students may want to ask .If a student wants to ask ,he could early write it .Then hang it on the poster.

At the end of the lesson ,questions would discussed in order of importance.

I invite suggestions from the readers on how to deal with student’s interruption .Any comments will be received gratefully.


3 comments on “How to deal with Students’ interruptions

  1. This is very important. The teacher should be wise in time management so as to avoid unnecessary digression that will prevent the successful completion of the school syllabus.

  2. the good teacher is the one who stresses on two things

    respecting students

    and strength in his personality

    of course with good teaching.

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