I’m an EFL teacher from Saudi Arabia and I am very passionate about teaching. I think education is the key to solving many of the problems in today’s world.I became a teacher because I truly believe teachers can make a difference in students’ lives.Because of that I take teaching very seriously.

Besides teaching my other passions are books especially which are dealing with education and teaching English . I have recently discovered the wonderful world of blogs and what it can do for a teacher’s professional development. And after reading many blogs , I realized that blogging is a powerful tool for professional development, not only for the one who reads but also for the writer. And I felt the urge to try and give something back to the blogging world too.

Here I plan to write about things, ideas and questions that go through my mind when I am teaching,  Let’s see how it goes. Because this blog is “Education Land” which gives you Golden ideas for better education.

10 comments on “Author

  1. Very impressive efforts.

    Looking forward to sharing ideas and experiences with you.

    Wish you many years of perseverance and success.

  2. Salamun Aleyqum dear Saeed,

    I also share the same vision and belief with you in regards of education being the sole remedy to the problems in the world..If people could have been more educated and knowledgeable things in our life would have been much better..Understanding each other’s culture better could make people feel closer.. Well maybe this is Utopia but we teachers always dream of a better world and that’s how we try to shape up the ones around us..
    Wish you lots of luck !!!

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