Time Management and School Bell



The importance of effective time management for the success of any undertaking can not be over emphasized. This is particularly true when it comes to school situation. In school, we talk about semesters, syllabuses, subjects, examinations etc. A well organized school for instance, will put in place efficient strategies for the smooth running of its activities. In case there is a defect in any aspect this system, it will consequently affect the operation of the entire system. Emerging from this idea, I have been instigated to write about a feature which is absolutely important for an effective time management in school. This is no other feature but the bell. To assess its importance, let’s look at some of the roles of a school bell: it is used to indicate the beginning and end of a school session. Also, it informs teachers and students about the changes of one period of lesson to another and break-time.

Considering the above mentioned roles that the bell is supposed to play, one will be able to see clearly the necessity of maintaining its effective operation. Now, what do you think will happen if this necessary tool looses its efficiency? Well, I’ll like to discuss what this might cause. The bells in some schools are manually operated and as a result there is inconsistence in the ringing which is causing series of problems for teachers and students. Below I will highlight some of its effects on teachers and students.

Effect on Teachers and Students

1. Lack of respect for time- The absence of ringing consistency can give birth to numerous other problems such as one teacher overlapping the period of a lesson which may not go down well with some students as they may require a break and require a change after the subject period. They may not get much benefit during this time and an unnecessary delay is being caused for the next teacher.

2. Not finishing Syllabus on time– In schools there is specific time to complete the syllabus, and therefore any interruption will adversely affect the possibility to complete it on time. Sometimes, bells ring 10 minutes after the specified time and by the time the class is settled down and ready for learning another ten minutes would have been wasted. Thus, this makes it impossible to complete the day’s lesson. When faced with this situation regularly, the ultimate result is that syllabus will not be finished on time. When this is the situation, the students are the worst hit since they are not covering the required information for their academic growth.

3. Excuse for lateness- Some students who are chronic latecomers may use this ringing inconsistence as an excuse for their lateness. There is no doubt that this will affect their overall performance.

4. Decline in Teaching Quality- Because of insufficient time, teachers will not be able to explain the lessons well and this in effect may lead to a fall in the teaching quality.  During class time, there are usually certain concepts which students cannot grasp at once and may be in need of the teacher’s help to make things clear; in the absence of this help they might be left in a vulnerable position.

In conclusion, if the above scenario prevails in any school, no one will doubt that it will hinder the entire learning system. In this connection, what could be a possible solution? Can a well programmed electronic ringing system restore order after chaos and confusion? I think so, and this may bring about time consciousness and enhance the dissemination of educational information. Do you know of any other way that effective time management can be achieved in schools? Please fell free to share your ideas with us.


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