How to enjoy your job

Nowadays, officers are different. Before decades you see officers were  active in their works. They came on time and work in a very good way. They appreciated their work very much. So they did it perfectly. Also they are friendly . But now the number of lazy officers is rising.

These lazy officers come to their offices late. They walk slowly and sometimes sleep in their offices. When the company customers come to them, they show customers that they are unwelcome.

Some of you will wonder why we have like this kind of officers. Actually, there are some reasons behind these phenomena

Some of them take their job just to get a salary at the end of the month .So he tries not to  make any efforts as much as possible. This kind of officer should understand that ( Allah) will punish them for the money they take for nothing.

The other kind, they become lazy because of work routine. So they become like machines or computers. They  just do what their boss ask just. Any person feels boring by this way. But he needs more fun in his work. So I advice him to try to entrain himself by drinking coffee ,eating breakfast, playing football, using internet connection to read news.

Some of officers hate their work because of bad dealing he received from his colleagues or his boss. I advice him not to bother himself a lot. Try to just do your duty and ignore any person who tries to bother you.

Some of officers are frustrating because of heavy load he has with low salary especially when he sees other officers have light load with a high salary .So I advice companies to raise the salary of this kind of officers

Actually companies should take care to provide facilities such as places and machines for their officer’s entertainment such as playground for footballs computer laborites, coffee shops, libraries and swimming pool . This will double your officer productivity. Then you will win at the end of the day.

Back to My School

After a summer vacation which is  two months.We go back to school.The first day is for greeting .and welcoming each other to start new school year.

Today,After I got up ,I go to school . The school ring rang to tell us that new school day starts .New fresh breath with morning .So I go upstair to class . Actually this is one of things I hate in our school system . Teacher should go to many classes according the timetable. Class ” A “is in third floor, you should go upsatair.The second class is first floor you have to go downstair .It makes me nervous . Each teacher should has his own classroom.A specific classroom for each teacher is better . It makes kids to go upstair and downstair .This makes them more quite when they come to me.

Anyway ,on the way to the classroom I found some of my students still outside chatting with each others .Really I feel sad for this .But when I get in my class ,I was astonished . A big number of my students are absent .I usually found classroom full of students .

Then I ask my students who attend the first day “What’s wrong wth students who are absent ?”. Then,they reply ” They don’t want to attend school for the first week . They would like vocation with endless time.

So I start explaining my lesson . On the way to my home .I started thinknig “Why these students dont want to go to school ?

Actually ,as I think students nowadays dont appreciate school,books and system .They just appreciate to get   a certificate which allow them to get good job with good salary.They didn’t like to do any efforts for that.

After class time finished , I stay alone then I try to remember my fathers and old muslim who use camels to travel for months just to learn a few pages or lines . How much I feel sorry for what is happening with students.

I hope to see my students more motivated to attend classroom early and workhard to learn .Parents have an important role to play in this. It is required for them to stress the importance of education to their children from an earlier stage. So they will grow up loving education rather than thinking of it as a burden to run away from.

My dreams with digital classroom

 I teach English language for High school students. My course book has many lessons which focusing on some drills relating to reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. But one of my lovely lessons which is about conversations which are type of drills I mention before.  .Actually, I read the conversation loudly .Then I start discuss the content of conversation. I sometimes use cassette recorder to make my students listen to the native speaker .But I note students did not interact that much with cassette recorder.

This traditional method makes me feel sick. I wish I could change this to something unfamiliar and something unusual. I suggest that How much I would like that I could make internet connection  with another classroom around the world their students who are English native speaker .We can use Skype messenger  to connect with another classroom in another country for example “England “.

If you ask me” How can we do that?” I will reply” we can do that by making connection  by Skype messenger .This messenger is unique. Before that we have to make preparation between you as a teacher of classroom and another teacher .You have to discuss which conversation you would like to discuss .Then when you agree .You can then explain you lesson as usual .Then when Practice time begins when you open Skype messenger .Then make connection with a teacher in another classroom in England .Take a permission from him to start practicing .After that, choose one of your students to make conversation with another students in  another classroom who are native speaker .That’s will be very interesting .Also that’s will encourage students to speak as I think. During conversation each one of these students Saudi student and these English students can see each others .It is like face to face conversation .What is a wonderful experience they may get.

Here in Saudi Arabia we follow single sex education .In Britain there is a Single sex education. If you may make agreement with them, don’t bother yourself .You will see just males . It is a fantastic idea I wish I could apply it once a day.

Lets’s kill some time

Any person in this life face many difficulties and problem, he should overcome them.But if this person did not have willing to coming across them .So he will suffer alot .Some of people are poor even they have many opportunities to become rich but they are wasting all of them .Because they are not ready to face all these things.

I sometimes ask some of my students why don’t you do your home work? .Then They replied “Sorry my teacher, we didn’t have time to do homework!! “.

After five minutes ,some one knocked the classroom door. Then I said “come in” .Next I asked him why did you come late ?. Then he replied ” I wake up late, I’m sorry my teacher!!”.

I usually ask my students to prepare the next lesson. Next day, I ask my students “Who prepared next lesson” .Then no respond I get .Actually no one prepare next lesson.

I wonder how much my students interested in football matches. You find them sitting in front of Tv screens before football match time waiting for it.

When class time finished .They stand up and jump quickly. Then I ask them where do you want to go? They said “Class time finished .Lets go”.

Once a day, I ask one of my students .Why did your friends waste their own time in evening and they don’t study. He said we usually feel boring .Because of that we always try to kill some times.

As I think there is a problem in the way our students think .They just wanted to get all things without any efforts. They would like to get everything in a fast way like “Fast Food “.How can we solve this problem.

First thing ,I think we should teach them How to do every thing in this life depending on theirselves not in anyone .This is will make them facing life difficulties with stronger hearts than before .

Second one, we have to respect their abilities and praise them when they make any good efforts .Actually this makes them encouraging them to do more good things in their life.