The effect of Punctuality

    The role of the teacher in a classroom is very significant; therefore it must be executed with excellence.Emerging from the issue, led me to contemplate the virtue of punctuality on the part of the teacher. I have personally observed the advantages of coming to class early. I will be discussing some of these in this article.

Maintaining Order and discipline-

 If a teacher enters the class early, this will prevent trouble some students from carrying out their disturbances. This is good because the teacher will immediately go ahead with the day’s lesson without the need to focus on maintaining order and discipline. Furthermore, it is to the teacher’s advantage because the feelings of relaxation before the commencement of the lesson will
eventually enhanced productivity.

Time saving-

 Imagine the syllabus that must be completed before the end of the semester and to allow for revision and exams; all these require enough time. If the teacher is not smart enough to be organized and punctual, valuable time will be wasted. So punctuality and good time management will produce a class that is well focused and organized and in this way, the target of the semester or the academic year will be achieved.

Excellent Role model-

By being well organized and punctual, the teacher would have set an excellent example for the students to follow. In addition, it would send a positive signal to the students of what is expected of them from the beginning. This makes control easier and the pace of teacher-success would have been in motion.

5 comments on “The effect of Punctuality

  1. I totally agree with you and I’m very proud of being punctual everywhere I go! Smiles from Argentina, Maria 🙂

  2. You are right.

    Management of time is very important for every person, every governmental foundation, as well as teachers.

    Punctuality is one of the motivation of success in any thing.

    Thank you Mr.Saeed

  3. I always make a point of being early, because by doing so you’re giving students the message that you mean business.

    However since I also have an administrative job in addition to my teaching responsibilities, there are times when important meetings come up which will prevent me from attending class. So from the very start I explain the situation to the students, and sometimes I let them come to the administration building/office to submit requirements so that they’ll see that I’m really doing something and not escaping from them.

  4. Hello, I am Abdallah Saeed and I am an ESL Instructor and I have been teaching university level students in Korea for past 2 years. I am most impressed as how the importance of being punctual has been emphasized by the author. I totally agree with the author.
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    Best wishes, Abdallah Saeed.
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