How to select what fit your abilities !

 For most High school students, deciding a field of study in college might pose the most difficult problem in their lives. Therefore, they need to put thought and effort in deciding the path that they are going to thread on; taking in to consideration the bigger picture of life.  However in making this important decision the following points should be noted:


Knowing Your Interest

 Only you will truly know what interests you, and what can keep your attention if you were to do it as a job. Maybe you are really into the law, maybe you like to help people, or maybe you just like being in charge. By figuring out what you are interested in, and what makes you happy, it becomes easier to single out exactly what field it is that you will want to go into. You don’t have to choose a field based on what you think will either make rich or famous! It doesn’t work like that .It is hard to imagine anyone who is either rich or famous starting out with those vague notions as their goal. You have to choose what you really love to do and money will follow in truckloads, you’ll be a richer person if you love what you do.

 Don’t choose what you think will be easy. Nothing worth having will ever be an easy process, and you shouldn’t give up on what you enjoy doing just because it could be too hard. You don’t want to look back at graduation, and realize that you really wanted to go into something else.

 Also, don’t decide upon a field of study based on what others expect you to do. Just because everyone in your family chooses that section before, doesn’t mean you have to follow them. You have right to choose what you think you have interest for.


Knowing Your Skills

  It is absolutely necessary to be realistic about your strengths and weakness. If you are weak in mathematics, physics and biology, the science section might not be right for. It might not be a wise choice.

 Furthermore, in order to assess your strength and weaknesses, you may try out a variety of activities while you are still in  high school through volunteer work groups. This lets you get a feel for things without making a decision about the field you will choose. It could lead you in some surprising directions as well.

 Finally, realize that the field you start with is not a life sentence. If you have at least started in an area that does not interests you, you can easily move into a related field that suits you better later on.

The Most Effective Dictionary

For learners of a foreign language, developing vocabulary and using words correctly are absolutely necessary if one is to gain mastery of the target language. Therefore, the method of learning a new word is very important. One day, while I was explaining a new vocabulary to my students using English language as usual; one of them who always like discussing with me said: “Please teacher get rid of using English to explain new words. English-Arabic dictionary will help us to know the meaning of the word directly. Why do you make all these efforts to explain one single word? Now we have electronic English–Arabic dictionary that gives the meaning in seconds”.

In order to stress the importance learning a language in the language itself, I started discussing with him and his classmates how using an English-English Dictionary to learn new vocabulary will help. In this regard, I mentioned to them some benefits of using an English-English Dictionary:

 First of all, looking for words in dictionaries needs effort; so when you make effort to look for any English word, that will make you almost not forget. This is not the case with Electronic dictionary which will gives you the meaning of words in seconds and you might  forget it very easily, because as the saying goes: “easy to come, easy to go”.

 Secondly, it helps students to stop translating and thinking in their mothers’ tongue. Actually, it will make them think in English.

 Thirdly, if students keep using multilingual dictionary such as English-Arabic Dictionary, at the end of the day, they will have for each Arabic word many English words with the same meaning. But they may not know how to use them appropriately. But if they use English–English Dictionary, this will help them to understand how to use the new words in a correctly.

 Fourthly, when students look for the definition of new words, they will learn many things as following

a) Students can learn how to pronounce words.

b) They will learn the exact definition of the word.

c) They will know how to classify this word grammatically.

d) Each word in a dictionary has a sentence as an example for how to use this word in daily life situations.

 At the end of discussion one of students asks me: “How can we deal with the situation if we don’t know the meaning of the words which describe the given word?”

 I ask them to give me enough time to look for a solution .When I browsed the web site called (Using English), I found a person called Alex Case who is a teacher and teacher trainer in Turkey, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Italy, the UK and now Japan. He has also published English teaching books, articles .

 He tried to answer the question my students asked in one of his article. He said: ” Many students are worried that when they look for one difficult English word in the dictionary, they will just find it explained with another difficult word they also don’t know .This will rarely happen with the right dictionary and if this happens all the time you should probably be using an easier one such as an Elementary Learners’ Dictionary “.

 Any comments will be received gratefully.

How to deal with Students’ interruptions

Yesterday , I start my lesson as usual with a discussion as an introduction for my next lesson. Then one of my student interrupt me and said “Please teacher I would like to go to bathroom .Another one interrupt me .Then he said ” Please ,teacher punish my collegue (Why!) ,because he throws me

Actually, we as teachers  have a particular syllabus which should be covered in a semester .So topics are distributed within specific periods .

In this case ,if there are unnecessary interruptions during explanation’s time ,this means teacher will not be able to find enough time to complete the lesson during the stated time.

For instance,I am teaching English as a foreign language to Arab students .My students are divided into two groups .Some of them are motivated and interested while the others are completely disinterested .Those who are motivated sometimes ask questions ,that if I should answer all of them.It might be too time consuming and the lesson for that period will not be completed.On the other hand ,the disinterested one ask questions with the aim of causing absolute distraction from the lesson being discussed .

In dealing with this situation,I discussed this issue with one of my colleagues ,and he gave me a golden advice .That I should hang a poster which is for questions students may want to ask .If a student wants to ask ,he could early write it .Then hang it on the poster.

At the end of the lesson ,questions would discussed in order of importance.

I invite suggestions from the readers on how to deal with student’s interruption .Any comments will be received gratefully.

Breakfast in Our Schools

Healthy breakfast is the most important meal .Studies show that children who eat breakfasr do better in school. Students will feel better and perform better at classroom. Whether you work at home, on the farm, at the office, at school, or on the road, it is not a good idea to skip breakfast.

Actually ,we face a problem in our schools ,because it introduce junk food for our students .School Shop sells Cola, Chocolate and chips which has no benefit .It will be reflected on Students’ performance which will become worse than before because of this unhealthy breakfast .

Another thing, there is no suitable place for students to eat breakfast. So I see my students eat breakfast while they are walking .This is too bad for their health and mood.

Many students I face didn’t wash their hands and mouths after breakfast .This is become a result of not having a suitable a place for breakfast .Because of that we see a big number of my students visit dentist clinics.

I hope we can see a suitable place for breakfast which is healthy in our schools.

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