Can we ensure Students’ Safety?

Is there dispute about the necessity to ensure a safe and conducive environment for our students at school?  No sensible being will indeed dispute that. Parents and teachers unanimously agree that in  order to achieve maximum success in the educational process, we need to ascertain that not only educational materials are provided;  but also an organized system must be put in place where in students are free from any kinds of fear. What should be done to achieve this? These means of safety is what I am going to look at in further details.

In a particular school, could you imagine that the Bus Driver who takes the children to school was so passionate about snakes even at expense of the children’s safety. On a fateful day, he was so careless that he took a box containing a big snake with him in the Bus. As he was waiting while the children are embarking the Bus, the snake suddenly jumped from the box.  This incident sent the children in complete commotion that resulted in some minor injuries of some of them. Fortunately, this is the type of school always maintain a school-guard. This guard quickly moved to the children’s rescue and immediately killed the snake. In as much as complete order was eventually restored and the children were finally driven home; but how fast do you think the traumatic feeling will be cure on those children and what should be done to that driver who exposed them to such children?

The above is just a tip of the iceberg, however; there are many types of dangers school children might be exposed to. For instance, school building should be built strong to prevent any unexpected collapse of any part. It must be well ventilated so that children are not exposed to suffocation. In the event of any danger like fire, dangerous animals or whatever, emergency exits should readily be available as means of escape. Moreover, teachers should receive training and educational programs about how to deal with emergency situations. They in turn should educate school children about what to do in cases of emergency. It is however, pathetic to note that most teachers do not even know how to use fire extinguishers. These are basic safety tools that one should know its operation.

Furthermore, students are sometimes exposed to other forms of danger, such as bully, racial discrimination, physical, emotional and sexual abuses. Therefore, school administration should set rules and regulations that prohibit these abuses and signs showing weapons on any sort are not allowed in school in school should be displayed. These signs would serve as a general awareness to ensure students safety. In addition, there should be appropriate punishment for those who are guilty of violations.

In conclusion, we should all come together to spread the awareness of students’ safety, so that we can have safe environment suitable for students learning free from any form of harassment. If you know of anything we can do to promote this safety, your suggestions would be most appreciated.

Mobile Phone Teaching helper

The advancement of technology has made it easy for teachers to diversify their teaching methods. Now even mobile phones can be used to facilitate and enhance the learning process in a number of ways. In this article I will be specifically looking at ways in which we can use mobile phones to teach English.I hope you will enjoy reading these  ideas.I hope once aday to see my ideas applied in many schools around the world .They are as following.

– Forming a network of students’

Mobile numbers to send text messages on various topics. This is the frist step, teachers should establish. Students should be informed that they would be receiving text messages from their teacher from time-to-time as part of the learning process and they must take these messages seriously.

– Organizing a monthly quiz competition:

 If students are informed that they will be given a quiz competition at a specific period of time, this may motivate them to take these text messages into good consideration.

– Grammatical Tips:
Sometimes, EFL learners find it difficult to understand certain grammatical rules. Teachers can identify these problematic areas and send them as a series of text messages to their students. The very facts that these rules are coming  in bits and pieces will make it easier for the students to focus and understand them easily.

– Reminder:

 Mobile phones can be used by teachers to remind students for a number of things; such as: date of submitting assignment, examination, important School events, information relating to teachers’ and students welfare, and recommendation of text books, blogs and websites.

Finally, teachers can also use multimedia to send various types of illustrations, flashes and pictures to
students’ mobile to help enhance to their learning.

Bad Eating Habits and Students’ Performance

Irrespective of the great advancement in science and technology, but this have not lead to better eating habit among
people especially young school going students. The easy availability of fastfood and snacks which are mostly classified among junk and unhealthy food are wrecking havoc on the health of those who are unaware of how detrimental they
are to the health. In this article I will focus on the effect this bad eating habit has on students’ performance.


Junk food or poor eating habit may affectthe health of students on either way. For instance, some students become obese
and this in turn makes them less active in school and this ultimately affecttheir academic performance. On the other hand, you may find students with pooreating habit very weak and sickly and this also may affect their overall school performance.


Some students because of uncontrolled and disorganized eating habit may tend to eat in every place and at unusual times. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see some students busy themselves by eatingsnacks and nuts while the lesson is in session. This unnecessary distraction is a great cause of concern as it impedes students’ concentration. As it is well
known, the academic outcome of students who are not well focused during lesson will ten chances to one be poor.
Consumption of teacher’s time

This undisciplined behavior of eating during class time may consume some of the teachers time because may want to
restore order and discipline. Time spent in this way might have been used to explain the lesson better.


– Education: I think teachers should endeavor to educate students about the dangers of bad eating habit. They should
be informed how detriment it is to their health and consequently on their  educational performance.

– Provision of Break Time: To make students stop eating in class they should be given break time in between teaching periods for relaxation and eating snacks or light refreshment. This can provide an outlet for students to satisfy their craving for eating.
– Prevention: Students should be prevented from eating in class during lessons after efforts have been made to educate them about the detriments of doing so and provision has already put in place for break time. This is will help create a conducive learning environment where students are focused and it will ultimately impact their educational
performance in a positive way.

Any suggestions about students’ eating will be most welcome.

Respecting Students’ Feeling

Human beings possess feelings, emotions and dispositions, therefore when dealing with them these must be given due deliberation. This is more so when interacting with students.The manner teachers treat their students can affect their productivity negatively or positively. What I will be specifically discussing in this article, are the consequences of teachers respecting students’ feelings.
Feeling Valued– If a teacher deals with students by respecting their emotions, this will make them feel respected and in turn will make them behave in a responsible manner in class. This will create a positive environment for learning. It is very
important because an insensitive teacher will make students react in a negative manner which will adversely affect the learning environment.

Breeding Love- A considerate teacher will quickly make the students love and respect him or her. The importance of this can not be over emphasized, as when you love someone you may tend to also love what they possess. As such, this may create love for the  subject he or she teaches.

Hard Work- It is natural that when students love and respect their teacher they will become interested in the subject he or she teaches and they will be motivated to work harder. This motivational environment makes the teacher’s duty easier and fun
to do and the students are more likely to excel in the learning process.

Saving Time- Because of the good teacher-students’ relationship, unnecessary wastage of time will be avoided. Thus, the time that would have been devoted to discipline students and dealing with their interruptions will be spent to make progress in
the lessons.
Development of Creativity-The cumulative effect of the positive relationship and environment may cause students’ creativity to develop and their overall progress will be enhanced. Any contribution to this topic will be greatly appreciated.