Does Technology make Students less Motivated?

Is technological advancement making how students becoming less interested in course books and the traditional method of learning? Nowadays, Students are mostly interested in electronics devices; spending hours using them.  I am encountering this problem with my students of English as second language and moreover they do not even want to use the course books.  Most of them lack interest in learning and so I have used various methods to get them participate including corporal punishment without success. However, I changed my strategy and my new approach seems to be yielding good result. In this article, I will be discussing how about this approach works.

I have realized that as human beings we have strong desire to be recognized and distinguish among others (being famous). Therefore, I told my students that I am introducing a system of granting them points with regards to their participation in class in answering questions, doing their assignments, as well as being well disciplined in class. At the end of the month, the student with the most points will be declared and honored as the star of the month.

When I commenced this competition among them, I observed that those who are now participating and are interested in learning English jumped from 20% to about 60% of the class. If this success is a lasting one, I think they will be motivated to learn English by themselves. Do you think of any means of getting students motivated to learn English as second language? You comments on this will be mostly welcome.