Making Better Movies to learn English

It is a matter of fact that learning a second language is not an easy task; especially when one is not living in the environment where that language is being spoken. Moreover, the situation would be more difficult when there other cultural barriers on the way to achieve excellence in the second language. What I am talking is that when you belong to a cultural setting that does not accept anything which is deemed contrary to the faith they uphold you have to be careful you do and do not. Let me go to the point; when I was studying English in College, some of my lecturers advised me to watch movies and listen to the radio as this would be means of improving my English.

However, it was easier said than done, because I can not watch movies which contain elements that are prohibited in our religion. So this was a very great obstacle on the way to improve my English and therefore it took a great struggle to achieve whatever I have in learning English. Presently, I am contemplating how we can overcome this cultural barrier in learning a second language. In this regard, I think movies should be made which are appropriate to the cultural background of the people learning the second language.

If English is being taught to Muslims for instance, there should be a committee of experts in the language amongst the Muslims to work in collaboration with native speakers of English to make educational movies firstly, that reflect the Muslims’ cultural background. Secondly, movie series should be done while taking into consideration the English language structure. When once this is accomplished, learning will be accelerated because students would be gradually learning a second language from their own cultural perspectives.

Making these types of movies would be very challenging but however, the effort would be necessary to make EFL leaning a piece of cake. If anyone has any suggestion regarding this topic it would be warmly welcome in the comments section.


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