Don’t miss the Golden Time !

As you know lectures in Universities usually have a break time between them. A lot of students don’t know how to get benefit of those break times .So, we are going to discuss in this post my experience which I like to share with all of you.

First of all, before experiment’s Day I slept late because of that I was tired ,then when I get up at 5:00 a.m. ,I performed Al-Fajr prayer as usual .Then I go to University .

On my way to the University there are too much traffic on the way in that day. Because of that I went to Medical college where I study with a bad mood and nervous .Then I took two lectures which discuss difficult topics .After that I went to hospital for practical lessons .I got a lecture for two hours .Then I decided to revise my notes because I have another lecture which was very important one. That means  I should make a revision .But, because of the lack of sleeping ,I couldn’t revise it very well.

Now, I can’t focus on reading or understanding while I was try to understand .Because of that ,I decide to take a nap for one hour .Then after I get up, I look at my watch. I was shocked because time is up. Then I went to my last lecture which is very important for me to attend .

After ten minutes left from lecture time .I start asking lecturer about information that he was already explain before .Unfortunately ,I did that many times .After that my friends made fun of me and they asked me” what is your problem that cause you to be absent minded” .Actually ,I feel ashamed to confess that I sleep very late.

At the end of the day, What is your advice in dealing with situation like this.


6 comments on “Don’t miss the Golden Time !

  1. Thanks Mr.Saeed for giving me this chance to write my first blog post.I hope all your blog readers appreciate it

  2. It’s not only you, every college student face such problems! 
    I think the solution is sleeping early. 
    Coffee also TFK AZMH some times  ☕ 😜
    Nice post thank you! 

  3. First of all , I would like to thank you for this great work and amazing article . Second , as Mr. Ali said , we all suffer from this problem in one case only , if you sleep late . Actually the late sleeping usually has no good

    reason to do , so you waste your time at night as well as the next day . Third , the naps sometimes are fatal , so take it seriously and you know what I mean . Finally , one hour of night sleep is better than ten hours of day sleep . Best wishes .


  4. Welcome A.M.F and Ali
    I feel happy to see you leaving comments in “Education Land” blog.I hope you get benefits of this blog . Thank you very much A.M.F for your interesting . Finally , May allah to give us the best ways to be better in the future .

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