Can Parents and Teachers work together?

The role of the home and school towards the progress of a student can be described as two wings of a bird .Just as the bird can’t fly with a single wing. So also the students can’t make significant success if there is a failure in either the school or the home .Emerging from ideas, I will be discussing in this article how parents can supplement the efforts of teachers .

In discussing the supplementary rule of parents ,we should realize the differ in their attitudes towards their children education .Some parents are educated and some are illiterate. A part from this difference. There are also variation in their response to their children performance .

An educated Parents for instance, is able to assist their children with their homework .Also they can help them in different areas such as making revision and organizing their study time .However ,it is pathetic  to note that even though some parents are educated for one reason or another, they fail in their duties to assist their children in their study.

Uneducated parents are not so much blame worthy because of their background .But however, they are not helpless. It is all depends in their attitude which is positive ,cooperative and working relentlessly towards the success of their children .”How they achieve this?” .By paying frequent visits in schools asking about their children progress and finding solutions by asking the teachers to give a careful attention where there is lacking .At home also, they find private teachers to teach and assist their children in their study .

As teachers ,we have observed that most of students we face problems with are those whose parents have attitude problems negative and uncooperative with teachers .They do nothing towards the progress of their children .But they are the once who will put up a fight with teacher when their children obtain low grades .

In conclusion, if students are to achieve success in their education .Teachers should perform  their rule diligently and parents at the same time must support their efforts as already being mentioned above.

Do you agree with me that the role of parents in supporting the efforts of teachers is something vital towards students’ success.


2 comments on “Can Parents and Teachers work together?

  1. Parents must support the efforts of teachers and they must influence their children to become model students.In order to do this we must have parent workshops which help the less educated student.If we teach the mother we will teach the sister and the brother.Parents and children should sign contracts which enforce this.

    This was an interesting article.

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