Using Social Networks for Language Teachers

 In 2007, the British Council conducted market research into how the Internet has affected the preferred learning styles of young people wanting to learn English around the world. The results of this research suggest that if teachers are to remain relevant and effective, then they need to use ‘learning technologies’ to help students reach the world outside the classroom.

The research done by the British Council showed that students who felt they were getting enough opportunities in their lives to socialise informally were also successful in their learning. You might wonder how a student finds time both to study and socialise as much as they want. Well, it’s important to understand that successful students combine studying and socialising, and that combining the two things helps them to be successful at both.

In consequence of advancement in technology, people nowadays are utilizing social networks for variety of purposes; such as exchanging photos, audio and video clips and other information. In this way, social networks  are mostly used for entertainment  and less beneficial purposes.

Even though I am not totally against using the social networks for these sort of entertainment stuff, but I am contemplating ways of using them in more useful ways. Especially for teachers whose responsibility in so far as education is concern is so great and important. For example, teachers can build a page of achievement files in Facebook. There they can post mind maps, worksheets, cross-words puzzles, flash cards audio and video clips as well as lesson plans and many more. There are a number of sites which have software to help them create these teaching aids such as mind maps.

In connection with students, they are mostly interested in games and entertainment and fun. They usually spend long time in these activities. Instead this unnecessary waste of time, they can dedicate some of their time for educational purposes such as exchanging ideas about current lessons and assist each other to solve learning problems they may encounter. Also for students of English they can write short stories and composition about their experiences and post on the Facebook page

and in so doing they may improve their writing skill.


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