Facilitating learning for adults

Learning a second language for adults might not usually be the same process as children acquire language naturally. It is generally observed that children acquire language unconsciously without thinking about grammatical rules and still like that with adults .

Adult learners for example, return to school here in Saudi Arabia for many reasons. Each has his own, but some of the most common relate to increasing their outcomes .

But there are many obstacles and challenges which we will try to focus on next paragraphs .So what are challenges adult learners face and how can we solve them.

First of all , Adults will learn only what they feel they need to learn . Because of that, Adults must feel the material they are learning is relevant, and that it will have an immediate effect.

Secondly ,adults try to avoid failure . Because of that Adults are much less open to the trial-and-error approach than children are. For that teachers should encourage them not be annoyed when they make any mistakes .Teachers should support them to try answering and correct mistakes if they were happened .

Thirdly , adults do not all learn the same way , so teachers should verify their teaching methods to fit their students’ needs .

Fourthly, adults need immediate feedback concerning their progress ,because of that we have to make frequent quizzes to give them feedback if they are on the right track or not .

Fifthly ,adults learn by comparing past experience with new experience, So we have to respect this point while we designing course book for them.

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3 comments on “Facilitating learning for adults

  1. Learning a language for students is much easier you see
    They dive in so rapidly
    Adults take more time and will get it eventually
    Language is a gift you see
    A gift that acquaints us with another world
    Sort of like a flag unfurled
    So never fear and learn,learn,learn
    In your minds that language will burn

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