Giving Thanks for Great-Grandparents

Last Wednesday ,my sister has a great celebration in her School .By the way,my sister is a teacher of Maths. I ask her” why did you make that celebration for grandmothers ?.She replied” we make this for two reasons.

The first one is to thank our grandmothers and to show them that they are still living in our hearts .They are still playing an important rules in our life.

The second one ,is to teach our students and remind them of the rights of their parents and grandmothers .But now lets discuss the rights of parents and Grandparents

”  The rights of parents are:

  • Do not give them any trouble or harm, even though there may be some excess on their part.
  • Honour and respect them, verbally and by deed (action).
  • Completely obey and serve them in all those things permitted by Shari’ at.
  • If they are in need, then serve them with your wealth and money, even if they be kaafirs (unbelievers).

Rights of Grandparents

The rights of your grandparents according to Shariat are exactly the same as those of your parents, (whether they be living or have passed away). Therefore as you fulfill your parent’s rights so too must you regard your grandparent’s rights.

Similar is the case that your mother’s brothers and sisters are like your mother; and your father’s brothers and sisters are like your father in regard to their rights.


2 comments on “Giving Thanks for Great-Grandparents

  1. I think that mother’s sisters and brothers can be the same as my mother in regard of respect. I mean that we should show the same respect and care to them but it doesn’t mean that they can control our lives as our parents do or we have to give the report of the things we generally do to our parents.
    Thank you.

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