Helping all achieve literacy

In an adult education class of old women; a ninety-two year old demonstrated her determination to achieve literacy in an amazing way. It all started when they were in this class and taking writing lessons, and this old lady was struggling with her nervous hand to practice writing letters. The teacher taught this old lady’s handwriting was very bad so she erased it and wrote it neatly for her. This action provoked a negative reaction from the old lady who said: ” why did you erase it, I am here to learn so don’t prevent me from achieving my goal.” This scenario led me to think deeply of how we can help old and disadvantaged be people achieve literacy. In some countries there is provision for adult learning. Studies have showed that old people who are mentally active can greatly limit the effect of old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. By helping old people to be literate this can make them have a happy and pleasant old age because they would be able to live in the current world. I have seen old people who are literate enjoy ready newspapers and daily events and actively participating in lively discussion of current issues. This in effect is a solution to boredom which usually affects old illiterate people.

In this regard, instead of neglecting old people in isolation we should try to involve them to be more productive in society. Helping these people to achieve literacy will be quite a valuable effort. This so because you might find some old people with great wisdom and experience in life; and they could be able to transmit these to succeeding generation. Furthermore, we should not deprive these people from a better life in old age or prevent those with strong determination like the old lady we mentioned above from achieving their goal of literacy. If anyone has any suggestion of how to help old and disadvantaged people achieve literacy don’t hesitate to include in the comment section.


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