“Eid Mubarak”

Muslims all over the world fast for the entire month of  Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar .Tonight is the end of the “Eidul -Al-fitr” celebration.This is a joyous occasion when muslims give “Zakat -Alfitr” which is compulsory charity which is given at the end of the fasting month “Ramadan”.

The wisdom behind this charity is to let the poor also share the joy of the day by having the chance to eat good food and drinks .also not break poor people hearts when they see other people eating and drinking while they didn’t find any thing to eat during this happy occasion .also to let all types of muslims feel happy in this day.


The day of “Eid -Alfitr” is started by the performance of “Eid”prayer and the deliverance of sermon .also you find all muslims who attending this prayer wearing new clothes and using nice perfumes .I always feel happy when I attend this occasion . This beautiful scene is one of reasons which makes me happy in this day.After this prayer service,muslims exchange greetings,compliments and visits between relatives and friends.

It is common to witness the distribution of food and drinks generously among muslims during visits .This is a day of demonstration of gratitude to God (Allah) for having guided them during the month of fasting by performing prayers and other righteous deeds.Therefore,it is a moment of celebrating righteousness and victory over satan.

But when you reflecting on this day, we think of those unfortunate muslims whom because of war,famine,draught and other natural disaster are denied the opportunity to taste the enjoyment of this day of celbration.Most particulary the people of Somalia.. Actually,their  miserable situation  is known all the world. So I hope all muslims around the world to help this poor muslim nation .


2 comments on ““Eid Mubarak”

  1. Very well said about “Eid Mubarak” i truly understand … 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    Pinaybyaheras (Filipinatraveler)

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