Mobile Phone Teaching helper

The advancement of technology has made it easy for teachers to diversify their teaching methods. Now even mobile phones can be used to facilitate and enhance the learning process in a number of ways. In this article I will be specifically looking at ways in which we can use mobile phones to teach English.I hope you will enjoy reading these  ideas.I hope once aday to see my ideas applied in many schools around the world .They are as following.

– Forming a network of students’

Mobile numbers to send text messages on various topics. This is the frist step, teachers should establish. Students should be informed that they would be receiving text messages from their teacher from time-to-time as part of the learning process and they must take these messages seriously.

– Organizing a monthly quiz competition:

 If students are informed that they will be given a quiz competition at a specific period of time, this may motivate them to take these text messages into good consideration.

– Grammatical Tips:
Sometimes, EFL learners find it difficult to understand certain grammatical rules. Teachers can identify these problematic areas and send them as a series of text messages to their students. The very facts that these rules are coming  in bits and pieces will make it easier for the students to focus and understand them easily.

– Reminder:

 Mobile phones can be used by teachers to remind students for a number of things; such as: date of submitting assignment, examination, important School events, information relating to teachers’ and students welfare, and recommendation of text books, blogs and websites.

Finally, teachers can also use multimedia to send various types of illustrations, flashes and pictures to
students’ mobile to help enhance to their learning.

One comment on “Mobile Phone Teaching helper

  1. Technology can be a great asset.Mobile Phones are very useful.Technology and education walk hand in hand..We are living in a high tech world and we want our students to be a part of this.We are lifelong learners.

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