How to make an effective presentation ?

There are various medium and tools of communication and if we are to accomplish our goal, we should adopt
the most suitable means and utilize it appropriately. We are not talking about the tools and medium per se, what we shall be stressing on is how these tools can be used efficiently and maximum benefit derived from them. If I would like to make a presentation to high school students; should I employ any type of tool irrespective of their age and interests as well as their level of understanding? So, for my presentation to obtain the desired goal, I might be looking at some of the following factors:

Age and educational level of the audience

 Making a presentation by using medium and tools which are not compatible with the age and educational level of the audience is as  worthless as pouring  water on  duck’s back . Is n’t that a wasted effort? It is definitely. As as worthless as water off a duck’s back. we wouldn’t want to run into this mess; so we should choose materials that are suitable and appropriate for our audience.

Using different backgrounds to attract their attention

 If your audience are teenagers, I might perhaps use backgrounds which attract their interest  to capture their attention. This necessary to get them focused on what you are about to present.

Using Multimedia to their interest

While  using text, graphics and sound, choose what is of interest to your audience. What is of significance to
adults might not seem so for teenagers. As I mostly deal with teenagers, I usually use texts, graphics and sound that are compatible with their interest. To help them memorize the human body parts I would use the photo of a popular footballer indicating the names of the different body parts. In so doing, I may diversify the slide shows by using various types of multimedia. In this way, you can get them interested and focused throughout the presentation while getting maximum benefit. If there is any contribution in relation to this please feel
free to include it in the comment section.


6 comments on “How to make an effective presentation ?

  1. Saeed,

    I love browsing through this site.I agree with the points you brought up but I have some to add.To me a good presentation is one which is interactive.If a child has to watch a teacher lecture all the time boredom sets in.I think involving the students is wondeful.

    A good presentation is when both teacher and student follow the candle method.They respect each other and permit the speaker to speak without ever interupting.My mentor in India,Vinod Bodhankar taught me this.

    I also think that whether the student of the teacher is presenting graphics are a must.Everyone responds to graphics.

    I enjoyed your article.

  2. i enjoyed your’s so beneficial but interaction and pupils’involvement in the lecture are welcomed.A pupil can’t really understand and enjoy a lesson if he is not involved and really immersed in it.Moreover,the teacher needs a feedback inorder to assure the success of his lesson.Thanx sir your words are precious

  3. An occasional funny pic on topic of off would keep them on their toes.
    Also I am from an experiential learning background so if it were a body part section I might create an instant…. very short game to tag each other only on that body part…. i.e. touch someone with or only on their elbow… or shoulder… maybe just have 2 volunteers come up front and have the rest watch you tag each other. Also having them express it through group art, poetry or a skit would sink it in.

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