Help Hungry Students!

Humans have been distinguished from animals because of our reasoning and intelligence. For people to grow
intellectually there is an absolute need for education. Nevertheless, to achieve this goal certain factors must be taken into consideration.

Economists say the basic necessities of mankind are three: food shelter and clothing. Can students acquire learning without these fundamentals of life? Our focus in this article is the effect of poverty on some students.

Poverty is mainly affects students in underdeveloped countries. As a consequence of the inability of the governments in these counties to provide free education for their citizens; this burden squarely lies on the shoulders of parents and guardians. Since the standard of living is usually low, most parents can not adequately cater for their children. This leaves the vast majority of students to become vulnerable to all sorts of hardships; ranging from lack of food and medical care. Therefore, it is quite normal in most underdeveloped countries to see students doing different types of jobs such as petty trading, car washing etc, to acquire money to pay school fees and get food.  This situation of poverty is adversely affecting a great number of school going students in underdeveloped countries.

Let us now focus on how this problem of hunger is affecting students’ learning:

Before going to school students need to take breakfast meal. This is very important because it helps them to have enough energy to actively participate in class and helps them to concentrate well. In the absence of this basic meal the student will be very weak and malnourished and this will consequently negatively affect their educational performance.

In some cases also this poverty problem leads to many drop outs from school as a result of parents’ lack of means to cater for their children’ needs. It is not uncommon to find these drop outs involving in various types of crimes. This is because they have not been given the opportunity to advance in their education.

Finally, we have many great talents being lost due to poverty, as some students make it to secondary level but could not proceed to the tertiary level due to lack of means. How many great talents have been lost because of inadequacy of opportunity!  The big question is what should be done to help these disadvantaged children? Governments’ agencies, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists need to rise and do more to help students whose educational future has been amputated because of poverty! Any contribution in connection with this topic will be welcomed in the comments section.


3 comments on “Help Hungry Students!

  1. Saeed,Your english is perfect.You speak from the heart and it certainly touches mine.In today’s world our kids don’t care about others only about themselves.They need to realize that many children are suffering out there.I am so proud of your work.

  2. It is easy to be complacent with one’s belly full. Those in charge should try not eating for a few days to experience how much harder it is to focus on anything except finding food. Thank you for reminding us about this problem.

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