Why Kids Prefer Electronic Gifts?

It is said that man is a victim of his environment; I found this to be true when it comes to differences
in tastes between generations. It is usually and even encouraging for parents to give gifts to their children especially when they excel in school. However, in so doing, there are certain questions that may arise such as what type of gifts? Should you consult your kid before buying the gifts? Do you know what will be of interest to him or her? Are the types of gifts which were popular to previous generations still appeal to our youngsters of today? What should be your aim while choosing? Should you choose something more durable and beneficial or any type of gifts? Are you financial strong to buy expensive gifts incase that is what interests your kid? If you can’t afford them, do think it would have a negative impact on child’s learning motivation? In this
article, I will focus on the taste of previous generation and that of the  present one and discuss how it affects our choice of choosing gift.

I can still remember when I was a little boy attending school, when I was asked about what I would like as
a gift; I immediately said a wrist watch without giving a second thought because that was what interested me the most by then and perhaps one of the most fascinating items around for me. May be another boy of my age would have preferred a bicycle or some type of toy to play with.

 Nevertheless, with the present technological advancement and the availability of a variety electronic gadget; taste and interest of our youngsters have changed drastically and they are now opting for items quite different from the previous generation. If you ask your kids what they would prefer as gifts these days you should be expecting them to request for video iPod, laptop computer, cell phone and other latest electronic devices.

This shift in taste from one generation to another has led me to contemplate to what extent we can integrate
technology to improve how educational system. Should our classrooms be made more digital? What about our text and activity books and tools used to aid the learning process such as worksheet and flash cards; should we make these digital too? What about teaching the rules of English Grammar through video games? Technology is advancing at such a rate that no right minded individual will deny! So we have no other option except to keep up with it and benefit ourselves and our students who are the leaders of tomorrow. If anyone has a
contribution on this topic of how to support our kids with electronic devices in order to improve their natural ability to learn don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment section.


One comment on “Why Kids Prefer Electronic Gifts?

  1. Personally I think mixing media is fine
    Both reading and computer literacy together can be entwined
    Yet one without the other really erases creativity
    Read a bit and then compute and wow that is literacy

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