How Can Teachers Avoid Failure?

In one of my latest articles , I discussed ‘the criteria of a successful teacher’, now I am going to deal with the issue of what a teacher should do in order to avoid failure. Mostly we are aware of what to do to achieve success, but often than not we neglect the obstacles that may militate against our effort and even render it fruitless. So ,if we want to achieve success, we must not only concentrate on the elements of success but must be knowledgeable about the obstacles that prevent us from what we want. For teachers to avoid failure in attaining academic success for their students they must be well acquainted with the following factors:

 – Knowledge of the obstacles to Achieving the beneficial

– Knowledge of how to overcome these Obstacles

-Taking Action to Avoid the Obstacles

 Even though it is important for teachers to be knowledgeable of what is beneficial for their students; but
more important is to know what is preventing them from accomplishing the beneficial. For instance, the first factor for the teacher to avoid failure is to be thoroughly qualified to teach the subject. If a teacher is not well
qualified this can be a great obstacle to achieving the beneficial for the students. So to overcome these problem teachers should know what further education they may require in their field to make them efficient in their duties; and take steps to acquire the needed qualification.

Furthermore, some teachers face the problem of low salaries and this adversely affects their productivity.
Having knowledge of this, teachers should find ways to overcome this obstacle and take actions to achieve their goal of a pay raised.

Sometimes, the obstacles may be poorly designed text and activity books. Teachers should not turn blind eyes
to this obstacle but should find ways of surmounting it and take action tosolve it for the success of the students.

 If the obstacles is a library that lacks essential books, or poorly equipped laboratory then this must be
brought to the attention of those responsible so that action would be taken to fix it.

In conclusion, the scenario might be vary from one individual or institution to another but the basic rule is as teachers; always try to know what are the obstacles that prevents you from achieving the beneficial for your students, know how to overcome them and consequently take action to successfully deal with them. If these steps are followed your students will be assured of academic achievement and you will be
a massive success in your profession.


One comment on “How Can Teachers Avoid Failure?

  1. Yes My Friend,
    There are many ways in which we can avoid the failures.We must shout out if the materials are not appropriate.I am a New York activist and we fight for what we believe in.Your points are well taken.Teachers can be heard and so can children.If they are supposed to be tomorrow’s leaders we must give them the necessary tools .

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