Taking Responsibility of Students’ Progress

it is not uncommon to find oneself as a teacher feeling a sense of guilt as a consequence of students’ failure to progress.This feeling can sometimes cause some teachers to quit the teaching job because they may have concluded that they are incompetent. However, if one contemplates this scenario, is it justifiable to subject yourself as a teacher to this state of self-blaming? Have you considered the availability of the teaching facilities to help you efficiently perform your duties? Are parents performing their role well? What about the school administration? Are they supportive of their staff? What about students’ attitude towards learning? If we reflect on these factors, we will realize who is truly responsible for students’ learning?

Moreover, before taking others into account,teachers should in the first instance take personal responsibility for the success of the learning process. So questions like these may crop up: Am I
really qualify for this job? If yes, how do I see this job? Is it just an ordinary job that my main goal is to receive salary at the end of the month? Or do you see it as trust upon you to diligently fulfill to prepare students for important roles they will assume in society? Do I have all the means at my disposal to achieve success for my students? These are some of what a teacher must consider in order to begin discover where the problem lies for students’ failure.

Secondly, there is a misconception on the part of some parents and guardians that teachers are responsible for each and every aspect of their children success. However, in reality this is not so, as
parents have very important role to play. For instance, they play in help discipline the children; they must create a home environment conducive to learning. This can be achieved by making an organized schedule. Parents should make special place and time for studying, time for eating, watching TV and playing and sleeping. All of these should be well organized to allow the children to focus on what is necessary to do at the right time. If the child has a well balanced life, he or she will be successful in school. This indeed
will complement the teacher’s effort.

In conclusion, students’ success depends on many factors; all parties involved should play their role
efficiently. Besides, teachers and parents should help students realize their personal responsibility of learning because it is said ‘you can take the horse to the river but you can not force it to drink’.


3 comments on “Taking Responsibility of Students’ Progress

  1. well thanks a lot for this article, i like it , cos simply you were right when you talked about the responsability of everyone in the field, not only the teacher alone. and of course all of us know truly that self cofidence is the master of any job. that what we need in our whole life.confidence, trust and tolerance also. thank you Saeed

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