The Criteria of a Successful Teacher

Success requires careful planning, and this is more so when considering mapping out strategies for your
students. Achieving success; whether personal or for an institution involves the implementation of many criteria. In order to be a successful teacher the following elements should be taken into consideration:

– Knowledge of what is beneficial for your students

– knowledge of how to accomplish it

– Taking action to accomplish it.

Now I will discuss each aspect if further details.

Step 1: Knowledge of what is beneficial for your students

In deciding what is beneficial for the students, the teacher must possess the right qualifications and vision necessary to lead the students to academic achievement. In this regard, the teacher will be able to determine what is beneficial for the students. These may include an excellent syllabus, effective course and
activity books. Among the beneficial things also include well equipped laboratories and all required technological facilities that aid the learning process. It is important that all the prerequisites are available execute the
teaching duties effectively.

Step 2: Knowledge of how to accomplish the beneficial

 Real success will never be accomplished unless the teacher possesses the knowledge of how to translate
what is beneficial for the students to action. So it required of the teacher to master the skill of implementation of what that has been identify as beneficial. Having an excellent syllabus at your disposal; well equipped laboratories and other technological facilities will mean nothing if teachers do not how to
utilize them effectively.  Therefore, knowledge of how to accomplish the beneficial is an important criterion of a good teacher.

Step 3. Taking action to accomplish the beneficial

The knowledge of what is beneficial and how to accomplish it do not yield result except when necessary actions are taken to translate them reality. Successful teachers are very diligent in their duties; taking every necessary step to make sure that what is beneficial for their students is implemented. They complete the school syllabus
on time while make provision for revision and thorough evaluation of students’ progress. As a result of this efficiency, education facilities are utilized to the optimum which eventually reflects on the general academic achievement of the students.

 If you have ideas about what makes a successful teacher please feel free to include it in the comment section.


4 comments on “The Criteria of a Successful Teacher

  1. Teaching is a work of heart
    You must love them from the start
    I agree with the points you made
    Yet we must never let our caring for them fade

    We must teach them sustainability
    Help them to survive you see
    Without survival what good is the learning
    Oh Saeed this was a wonderful article
    Keep the light burning

  2. Your 4 step program describes a framework
    As a teacher we never shirk
    our responsibilities each day
    We are peacemakers and we allay
    student fears and that of the parents,too
    Your program is one that is true
    hats off to you

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