Failure is the Road to Success

The fear of failure may indicate the fear of success. No person, institution or country can succeed without having a taste of failure. However, it is our perception of failure that makes the difference. Two individuals may encounter the same ordeal; but one may get up quickly and recover while the other will be complaining endlessly. ‘Practice they say; makes perfect’, but it would have been better said: ‘practice makes improvement’. Therefore, in the process of learning students must not view their mistakes as a life sentence to failure but should look at it as the path ways to improvement. Teachers also must not be frustrated at
students’ mistakes as this is of necessity part of the learning process. How students emerge out of this situation to be successful is what is supposed to be the teacher’s main focus.

In this regard, my personal experience has taught me that mistake should be seen as the road to success
rather that the path to failure. The teaching method of an efficient teacher mostly impact students’ progress in a positive way. My journey to learning English as second language has not been a smooth one. Nevertheless, I can still remember one of my teachers who used to employ every strategy to help us
understand a particular concept. In helping us develop our vocabulary bank, he would frequently give us spelling quiz, then after correcting the answers he would ask us to write down the words which we got wrong several times. This method used by my teacher to focus in correcting mistakes helped me greatly to
progress in learning English. Indeed he was a great teacher!

Emerging out of this notion,instead of viewing failure as an outcome of unsuccessfulness, it must be seen
as a teaching tool to be used to help students improve themselves. Students should not feel intimidated when they make mistakes; but they are to be encouraged by teachers and parents to correct their mistakes rather mourning and complaining over them, since correcting them is the path to success. Afterwards, many
inventors and scientists made several mistakes before been able to invent or discover something. Likewise, little children stumbled many times before they can walk properly. So, success does not mean never falling, but getting up after each fall with a renewed determination. This positive attitude is the guarantee to success. Any contribution to this topic will be welcomed with gratitude and appreciation.


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