Sharing Goals with your Students

The importance of having goals whether as an individual or an institution can not be over emphasized. The aim of teaching is to produce students who would accomplish proper education,training and valuable skills.However, this can never be achieved without planning and direction. It is because of this, that teachers need to set specific goals and spell out action plan to be shared with their students. This means there should be a yearly plan for the entire syllabus that is achievable within a stated date. This plan is to be further broken down to semesters and the objectives of each lesson should be made clear to the students. The advantages of sharing goals with students are numerous; some of which will be enumerated as under:

 It creates a sense of direction– when goals are set by a teacher and shared with the students it brings about cohesion and understanding in the classroom. As everyone is aware what to do and what is expected because there are clear steps to follow. When this is the case, the desired objective will be easily realized. If goals are
not defined, there will be utter confusion and nothing meaningful will be achieved.

 It makes teachers and students to be focused In the presence of a clear direction, both teacher and students will be well focused and the learning process will be thoroughly enhanced. The overall consequences are success for the students as well as the teachers.

 Time savings Because there is clear direction and time limit, lessons will be easily and quickly covered and considerable amount of time will be saved. The bottom line is that, there will be a great tendency to finish the syllabus on time to allow for necessary revision. This will not be the scenario in the absence of set goals.

 Overcoming learning obstacles By setting goals and sharing them with students, teachers will be able to identify learning hindrances and come of with solution in time before it is too late. The learning process in essence will run smoothly.

 Self-Evaluation As teachers are playing their role effectively to remove obstacles in students’way, in the same way they the students may be able to make  self assessment of themselves and may take steps to improve their  strengths and address their weaknesses.


Enhanced Students’ activity Students’ activities will be enhanced as a result of set goals as they have a clear vision as to what is expected of them. Students may even prepare in advance and this would ensure their meaningful participation.

 In conclusion, the benefits of teachers sharing  goals with their students are many all of which can not be discussed in a single article but suffice to say that real achievement will be seen if the known steps are followed in setting goals and that probably may be discussed in another article. Your opinion in this topic will be most  appreciated. 

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