Making Your Students like you and Your subject

Imparting knowledge to students is a very delicate task; therefore teachers should do their utmost best to make it as successful as possible. It is with this view that I decide to write on the above topic. I am going to outline some of the factors which I think will make a teacher likable to the students:

Good Leadership

The teacher should be able to manage the class well by demonstrating excellent leadership skills in order to maintain positive control of the classroom situation. The importance of this cannot be overemphasize, as no good relationship will be establish between him and the students if there is chaos. The teacher may achieve this by setting clear objectives as well as rules and regulations of what is expected of the students at the initial stage. If this is done, there will be coherence in the class  which may ensure the smooth running of the teaching and learning process and thus the students will like their teacher.

Knowledgeable of your subject

This is a factor that will immediately win the admiration and confidence of your students. It is very important because it gives the teacher an academic authority over the students. If students ask this well versed teacher questions for instance, he or she can easily respond to queries without getting irritated like will be the case if he is not well acquainted with the subject matter. Students love a teacher who is ever ready and competent to respond to their academic problems.

Teaching Style and Humor

To be knowledgeable is one thing but the method of imparting the information is yet a more important issue. Because if
the teacher does not know how to motivate the students and keep them interested in the lesson they may be bored and lose interest in the teacher and therefore is subject also. A humorous and motivating teacher cause the students like him or her thus they will me focused and always look forward with enthusiasm for their teacher’s arrival in class.


 A teacher should be considerate and sensitive to the psychology of the students. He must be very sensitive to their feelings and emotions. To treat them well as you will like to be treated. The teacher should also take into consideration that certain behavioral problems of their students may be related to the physiology of their age and as such deal with them appropriately. This responsiveness to their emotions will create a special bond between the teachers and their students. If any one has additional points on this subject matter, I will appreciate your sharing with us.


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