Bad Eating Habits and Students’ Performance

Irrespective of the great advancement in science and technology, but this have not lead to better eating habit among
people especially young school going students. The easy availability of fastfood and snacks which are mostly classified among junk and unhealthy food are wrecking havoc on the health of those who are unaware of how detrimental they
are to the health. In this article I will focus on the effect this bad eating habit has on students’ performance.


Junk food or poor eating habit may affectthe health of students on either way. For instance, some students become obese
and this in turn makes them less active in school and this ultimately affecttheir academic performance. On the other hand, you may find students with pooreating habit very weak and sickly and this also may affect their overall school performance.


Some students because of uncontrolled and disorganized eating habit may tend to eat in every place and at unusual times. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see some students busy themselves by eatingsnacks and nuts while the lesson is in session. This unnecessary distraction is a great cause of concern as it impedes students’ concentration. As it is well
known, the academic outcome of students who are not well focused during lesson will ten chances to one be poor.
Consumption of teacher’s time

This undisciplined behavior of eating during class time may consume some of the teachers time because may want to
restore order and discipline. Time spent in this way might have been used to explain the lesson better.


– Education: I think teachers should endeavor to educate students about the dangers of bad eating habit. They should
be informed how detriment it is to their health and consequently on their  educational performance.

– Provision of Break Time: To make students stop eating in class they should be given break time in between teaching periods for relaxation and eating snacks or light refreshment. This can provide an outlet for students to satisfy their craving for eating.
– Prevention: Students should be prevented from eating in class during lessons after efforts have been made to educate them about the detriments of doing so and provision has already put in place for break time. This is will help create a conducive learning environment where students are focused and it will ultimately impact their educational
performance in a positive way.

Any suggestions about students’ eating will be most welcome.


One comment on “Bad Eating Habits and Students’ Performance

  1. Yes , it is affected obviously on students’ comprehension and also in their life in general . However , its spread in approximately every big street and its adds in the visual media , it bears a dangerous diseases on human health . Although , I think, nowadays, it is indispensable for at least two times a week.
    And also you can’t seperate students from their culture . Because you talk about cultural common view which glorify junkfood for its quick preparing .

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