Respecting Students’ Feeling

Human beings possess feelings, emotions and dispositions, therefore when dealing with them these must be given due deliberation. This is more so when interacting with students.The manner teachers treat their students can affect their productivity negatively or positively. What I will be specifically discussing in this article, are the consequences of teachers respecting students’ feelings.
Feeling Valued– If a teacher deals with students by respecting their emotions, this will make them feel respected and in turn will make them behave in a responsible manner in class. This will create a positive environment for learning. It is very
important because an insensitive teacher will make students react in a negative manner which will adversely affect the learning environment.

Breeding Love- A considerate teacher will quickly make the students love and respect him or her. The importance of this can not be over emphasized, as when you love someone you may tend to also love what they possess. As such, this may create love for the  subject he or she teaches.

Hard Work- It is natural that when students love and respect their teacher they will become interested in the subject he or she teaches and they will be motivated to work harder. This motivational environment makes the teacher’s duty easier and fun
to do and the students are more likely to excel in the learning process.

Saving Time- Because of the good teacher-students’ relationship, unnecessary wastage of time will be avoided. Thus, the time that would have been devoted to discipline students and dealing with their interruptions will be spent to make progress in
the lessons.
Development of Creativity-The cumulative effect of the positive relationship and environment may cause students’ creativity to develop and their overall progress will be enhanced. Any contribution to this topic will be greatly appreciated.


5 comments on “Respecting Students’ Feeling

  1. Hi Mubarak-

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with our EFL community. I saw a similar post of yours on linked-in on how you develop a good relationship with students.

    I’ve always found this point especially important, but at the same time, a main purpose of our class is to improve english. A teacher that is not well-liked can do achieve this goal better than one whose students love him or her, and yet who isn’t as focused on the goal at hand.

    What do you think?

    Cheers, Brad

  2. I really appreciated the theme. As a teacher I think this issue on how develop a good relatioship with students led me to a reflexion on the way of respecting them.

  3. Sure! Understanding students’ attitudes and respecting their feeling make them feel valued and therefore give the best of themselves. They get motivated and engaged in the course. On the other hand, they will respect their teacher. I believe that teachers need training in this issue for outstanding classroom achievement.

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