Creative ideas for different ability Class

Teaching students who in the future will be expert in their particular fields is not an easy task. Therefore, teachers should be keen to identify methods and strategies that will facilitate this process and make it a success.

Since I started teaching English some ten years ago, it was my dream for my students to achieve proficiency in all four language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, my long experience in this field made me realized that this is very difficult to achieve. The reason for this difficulty is that students vary in their abilities, aptitudes and capacities to understand. One usually finds students who are fast to understand, while others are in the middle and yet others are very slow to cope in class.

 In a situation like this, if a teacher deals with these students on the same level there will definitely be a vast disparity or inequality in students’ achievement. If we do not want to see an undesirable result like this, something needs to be done.

 In this regard, I think students for each grade  should be divided according to their proficiency level into three groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Then ,For each group we should design a special classroom having the same course book  and work book designed according to the level of students’ group and giving each one of theses groups a specific test designed especially for it.

 The aim of this is to allow students to learn and progress at their own pace based on their aptitudes, abilities and special needs. In the final analysis, we will see generalprogress and achievement rather than a success of just a cross-section of students. In case anyone has a strategy that will take in consideration the differences in abilities that may exist among students, I will be happy to receive his or her view point.

 Any comments will be recieved gratefully .


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