Dealing with Sick Students

It is natural that differences exist among different individuals. If one takes it into consideration class of many students, they will notice that students differ in their physical, mental and psychological abilities.  In this case, the teacher has to take care of students especial needs. In order for a student to perform well in class he or she must be in a state of good health. In this article, I will discuss two types of illnesses that may affect students as well as ways of dealing with them.

 Temporal Illness- This is the type of illness that may affect some students for a short period of time; such as common cold or flu. Some students who are eager to learn may want to attend school even in this state of sneezing and coughing. But owing to the contagious nature of these types it illnesses, it might be injurious to the health of other students. Therefore, the teacher may ask the student to stay away from school until he or she recovers. During the absence of this student he would have missed some lessons and perhaps tests or examinations. So how should teachers address these situations? In Islam for instance, fasting from food and drinks from dawn to dusk is being prescribed upon Muslims every ninth month of the Islamic calendar as a means of developing righteousness. However, not every Muslim may have the ability to fast due to many reasons such as illness. In relation to this, there is concession for two types of illnesses; temporary and permanent illnesses. In the case of temporal illness, the Muslim is not supposed to fast during the days of the illness but should compensate for the missed days after the month of fasting when he would have recovered from the illness. If it is a chronic illness he or she not required to fast at all but should compensate by proving food to one fasting person.

We can treat our sick students in a like wise manner. During the student’s absence, we can make a video recording of the lecture, or we conduct internet chatting sessions, telephone conference or upload a video of the lecture on facebook so the students can access the missed lessons even while away. If the student missed an examination, the teacher may arrange a special date for it to be taken or can conduct online.

 Permanent Illness- Coping with students with permanent illness or chronic illness is more difficult than dealing with temporal illness. Because of this, special consideration must be given to these students with special needs. Based on the seriousness of their situation, a special class may be assigned to them and they should be provided for as their needs dictate. It is a logical conclusion that their needs would be quite different from healthy and normal students. Therefore, teachers teaching these students should be well equipped with not only the academic knowledge but should also be given appropriate training on how to deal with students with disabilities.

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