Keep it Secret

Once a day, I advised my students not disclose their marks to their colleagues. I thought that might serve as a motivation to students who did not perform well in exams and saved
those who did well from envy. It was my feeling that if a student gives in to
the idea that he is been known for not obtaining good grades; this mind set may
cause that student to neglect any means of improvement and continue to degrade.
However, been speared the rod of embarrassment might keep alive in them the
spirit of courage and determination.

However, given a second thought, makes me wonder how effective this “keep it secret” strategy might be. What will be it effect on competition? As “where there is competition there is progress”. I remember my students’ days; I was one of those students who were ashamed to score low marks in exams, because of this fear of failure I worked harder than usual for success. Therefore, my
orientation is more suited to be competitive. I know not all students are like that. There were students out there, who were more successful in continuous assessment than in final examination.

In this regard, I think competition in terms of disclosing students’ results would be beneficial for the more competitive students, but for those who are less competitive keeping it secret is better.

Any comment will be received gratefully .Feel free to give us your thoughts .


2 comments on “Keep it Secret

  1. Some students don’t wish to share and I think that is their right.We don’t want to make them feel badly.We want them to be aware that they can improve but humiliation is not good.If a child who does poorly is made to feel worse how good is this?

    I agree that competition is important but tests are not the only criteria of judgement are they?Often a student does not do well at testing but is excellent in classwork .
    I think some students are not test takers and I wasn’t one.I froze at tests and went on to get my masters and write books and do outreach.So test scores should not be the only means of judging.

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