How to activate your class

It could be mention that in a class with several students, there must be differences in abilities, aptitudes and concentration. Because of this, the teacher should find ways to diversify his or her teaching strategies in order to get all students to be inclusive in a lesson. In this regard, I think the following steps will be beneficial in achieving this goal:

 1. Division of the Class into groups– Instead of having a bunch of students to deal with; they can be divided into groups. This actually leads to efficiency as the smaller the group the more effective will be the supervision as well as the better the focus and concentration of the students.

2. Designation of a specific and clear task to each student– The success of a group work will only be ascertained if each student has a role to play. Therefore, it is important to give each student a specific task to carry out. This task should be related to what the over all group are doing. In this way, it is like individual student contributing building blocks that will eventually lead to a complete building.

3. Distributing of work sheets To get the job done efficiently, work sheets should be given to the students. In these work sheets, they will do their individual task. For the fact that they are required to submit their work sheets, they will be motivated to do their best. This then brings to the final step; which is:

4. Discussion of the work sheets The importance this stage can not be over emphasized; as it could be compared to sick persons who visit a Medical Doctor for treatment. The Doctor will be able to effectively treat these patients after a complete diagnosis and tests have been performed on them. So when the students submit their work sheets the teacher will know exactly what their weaknesses and strengths are and in the process of discussion these problematic areas will be smoothly dealt with.

In conclusion, I invite new ideas from my respectable readers on how to get all students to included in a new lesson.


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