Making Silent Reading Period Meaningful

I sometimes give my students a period of about five or ten minutes to read before the new lesson. However, I realized that in most cases they were not concentrating and some naughty ones among them cause lots of distraction. After a prolong thought as to how they may make this reading beneficial, I decided come up with the following strategies to see how successful it would be to increase their focus.

 1. Setting specific Goals: In order to connect them with the previous lesson, I asked them to read and extract the main ideas of a particular passage. In this case, I noticed that they were really focused and concentrated on what they were doing. In addition, I asked questions about certain words used the last lesson. Many of them came with encouraging results.

 2.  Asking questions before reading: Teachers may ask some questions relevant to the lesson to be discussed and students should answer these questions immediately after reading. This helps students to focus on the points of relevance and consequently improving their reading skills.

 3. Analyzing Grammatical rules- In teaching English for instance, a scan reading session may be conducted to help students identify grammatical rules. The teacher may ask them to identify tenses used, sentence structure or correct punctuations.

 Nevertheless, it will be up to the teachers to specify what is it that they require from their students for any session of scan reading. But that being said, giving reasons to read is better to ask them to read for the sake of reading. Are there any other methods that can be used to make scan reading a meaningful exercise?  Contributions from any of you will be valuable in this regard.


One comment on “Making Silent Reading Period Meaningful

  1. Well, in one of those ELT Workshps I’ve learnt this one. Choose some words from the pages you are going to read in the class. Before reading hand out the words (one word) for each student. When they read in a loud voice they have to hit the table all text long when his/her word is being read. It’s funny and messy, so it can be better applied for calm classes.

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