Attracting Students’ Attention For a New Lesson

Getting students to be attentive and involved in the new topic of discussion during lessons is not always easy. However, by using ways in which their attention can be attracted and their interest aroused; the teacher may notice enthusiastic participation and fast understanding on the part of their students. In this article, I will mention some of these methods; which was a product of a discussion that I held with my colleagues in school as to how to get students’ attention and involvement during lessons.

 1. Asking challenging questions- By throwing challenging questions, the teacher can get the attention of the students and cause them to focus on the topic about to be discussed. This method is particularly effective if the aim to drive home a specific point. Otherwise, if you intend to let them acquire a general understanding of the topic then use:

 2. Brain Storming- This can be done by dividing your students into groups and allow them to spontaneously share ideas in order to solve a series of problems. It is said that: “two heads are better than one”, therefore when students work in groups they can share ideas and understanding and arrive at solutions than when working individually. Ultimately, will be in the mood of learning when the teacher starts the lesson.

 3. Reading Silently before the Lesson- If students are given time to read silently just before the start of the lesson, they may have acquired a brief understanding of the subject matter that was to be discussed. Eventually, this will accelerate their understanding when the lesson begins. This also gives some students who are visual learners a chance benefit from this ability.

 4. Flashback of Previous Lesson- A quick transition to the previous lesson may grant the opportunity to students to relate and connect well with the new one. It would be a foundation to build upon. Especially if the earlier lesson was thoroughly grasped it will be an easy work over for your students to be with you in both mind and body during you new lesson.

 Please fell free to contribute in ways that we can make attract students’ attention and thought before a new lesson.


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