Standardized Test is not enough

Imparting educational information to students by teachers is one of the most important tasks. Therefore, assessing the success of this undertaking is of absolute necessity. In this regard, we should ensure that the method of evaluating this process must be as fair as possible. Longman Dictionary defines “evaluation as a judgment about how good, useful, or successful is something. This should be fair, so we can get benefit from the process”.

Considering most evaluation systems nowadays, one will observe that the main concentration is on the traditional standardized test based of questions and answers at the end of the learning session. While we cannot totally oppose this method of evaluation, a closer look in learning English as a second language reveals that there are several skills involved. Instead of focusing on certain skills, we should make our evaluation more comprehensive to include the necessary application of all skills. This of course will definitely enhance the overall learning skills of the students.

Evaluation process is very important in the educational process, because through it students graduate to fill vacancies in the job market. As such, we want to produce qualified people who really deserve their certificate and degrees gained and this will consequently reflect in the high standard of our educational system. In this connection, Education Week Teacher, Larry Ferlazzo under his topic ‘Looking Beyond the Simple School Fix’ commenting about ‘Evaluating Students and Teachers Using Fair, Valid and Reliable Measures; Said: We need to reduce our dependence on standardized testing as the primary method of assessing students and teachers. Using multiple measures, including portfolios  of student work, allows us to evaluate students based on work they have constructed themselves, as opposed to their skill in selecting the one right answer from a list of possibilities on a multiple choice test.”

When students’ work are evaluated using a comprehensive method, the quality and standard of their work will improve; since they will be encouraged to be more serious and creative at the same time.


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