The Best way to introduce Historical Events

Most students may find history subject interesting; however when it comes to associating historical events with the specific dates and places of occurrence this usually present a Herculean task for most of them. Should teachers leave students to their plight without assisting them in surmounting this problem? Or should they find ways of simplifying this task of relating events with dates and places easily for their students? I am in favor of the second option based on a simple method which I have tried with my students. To be frank, the outcome of this method was amazing. In this short article, I would discuss how this method has worked for my students and I believe that if your students share the like of that problem it may work for them too.

Actually, my students used to detest issue of dates in historical events. This has been bothering me for quite a long period of time. What solution should I come up with in order to address this problem? Finally, I decided to make use of mind map to associate historical events and the corresponding dates. In drawing the mind map, I decided choose the pattern that mostly suite my purpose in simplifying the task of my students. Therefore, I chose this particular design that effectively relates events and dates directly. Attached is a sample of the mind map used.

After I introduced this method, I gave them a test relating to associating historical events with their respective dates. It was really a great surprise to see how excellent was their performance and above all how their attitudes towards this issue of dates in history drastically changed from being negative to positive. Do you have any incident to share in your encounter with your students; wherein you have faced a problem and you introduce a successful solution to deal with? If any of you think of such a situation, I would be very much appreciative if you share it with us.

 Below there is a picture of Mindmap I use to explain Historical events .I hope you appreciate it.



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