Using Facebook to Teach English

When considering the technological advances in this our age, I was wondering if I could start teaching my students English as second language by using Facebook as the medium. Well, you might be tempted to ask; how intend to go about it?

In this connection, I will first of all create a group in Facebook by using the Groups tool in Facebook and clicking on the Create A New Group button. Follow the steps including making the group public. It will be made public because I would like students can find it easily.

Secondly, inside the group, I can post topic for my students to write on, then I will choose the best three for voting. This competition style stuff will make them prepare well and I hope will improve their writing skill.  Videos, links, and other “wall” items will be posted to assist them in their preparation. In fact, this is a means to continue the classroom in other settings with much flexibility.

Thirdly, using my own personal network, I will invite “guests” into the group so that they can contribute to the discussion boards. There is a real benefit to get other experts talking to your students. The students might establish fraternity with other students and much benefit can be exchanged.

Fourthly, I will make sure my  students always respond to my original post for a grade, and then give points for when they respond to others in the discussion board. Your guests will have to become members of the group to post to the Discussion Board, so let your “guests” drop out of the group early if they are only to contribute to one discussion.

Finally, I would I encourage the students to post a topic of their choice in order to ignite their creative. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to use Facebook for effectively teaching English as second language. Actually, I didn’t do that until now but I am just imagining.

Any comments will be received gratefully.


7 comments on “Using Facebook to Teach English

  1. what is your student’s native language Saeed? perhaps we can find some students looking for a gifting of languages.. i’ll help you with mine if you help me with yours..

    that’s what some of my kids are doing.. on fb..
    perhaps some of mine are wanting to learn your language.

  2. You’ve created the architecture, and I wish you luck on the project.

    I must confess that I’ve been a tad reluctant to use Facebook in this way, but I’ll be watching your experiment with interest. My university also provides a closed content management system (blackboard) which I have principally used to post videos of student presentations and peer reviews of writing. You’re certainly correct that we can and should find more ways to integrate 21st technology in our classrooms – and even beyond our classrooms. The challenge, as so often, remains how to do it effectively.

    Good luck.

  3. Dear Saeed Mubarak,
    I am a student in Viet Nam, I have just received a scholarship for intership in Singapore, i will have an interview in next Wednesday, but I am not confident in my English Speaking, I am so worry, very nervous and I hope that you can help me to practice it,
    I you can help, plz email me:
    or you can contact me through my yahoo ID: phanquynh_nhu
    I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Hope that you can help me. Thank you so much.

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