How to be an effective teacher (part 2)

Welcome back,here we will continue give you the rest of reasons which may make you as a teacher an effect one.

4-Sense of Humor:-A teacher with a good sense of humor make his or her students motivated to attend his or her class  .During school days, I always feel encouraged to attend the classes of those of my teachers who are very cheerful. I can still remember one of them saying that:” Please, is the soften word on earth”.

In this regard a teacher who makes his or her students laugh and have fun helps them to feel relaxed and learn better.

5-Good Communicator:- The importance of this skill can not be over emphasized as it required in every field of life. If a teacher possesses this skill ,it will greatly enhances the teaching process. This is because he will be in the position to deliver the lesson in an effective manner .

6- Approachable :- maintaining positive Teacher-Students relationship is very important for classroom success.

Students are in need of their  teachers in many aspects of their studies . Therefore, a teacher who is approachable will be of immense help to the students.

Any comments will be received gratefully .


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