How to be an effective teacher (part 1)

Yesterday,I met some of my friends to discuss this question “How to be an effective teacher?”.Then we start our discussion .During this serious discussion ,they mention some points show in connection with this topic.

1- Enthusiastic:- the mood of the teacher has a great impact towards to the disposition of the students .For instance ,if a teacher has good spirit and mood. S/he will be able to give  information in an excellent manner .The students likewise will respond positively and be more receptive to  acquire knowledge .Therefore ,enthusiasm is an important quality for a teacher .

2-Consistency :- This is very necessary quality in the field of learning . The teacher should be consistent in all of his or her activities . Thus, means , S/he should have a fixed pattern of teaching method and lessen organization . This gives students clues about what they should expect from the learning process.This also involves standard behavior where in  students would be in a position to know what is the ethical standard they should put up in classroom .In consequence , this will lead to a positive student-teacher relationship.

3-Respectful:- Teacher should realize that dealing with a adolescents might be very complicated and difficult most times. In this regard,setting a classroom standard of respect lead to a very peaceful atmosphere which is conducive to learning .This will be achieved by positively rewarding and students’ attitude and recognizing their education achievement. Thus , recognizing their distinguished students.


4 comments on “How to be an effective teacher (part 1)

  1. I am not very good at being consistent in my classroom with the curriculum. I just get bored if I do the same routine over and over. While sometimes the students have a hard time adjusting to a change in what normally happens, I think it is a good experience for them to learn how react (and behave) when things are different than expected.

  2. thx for that interesting topic,i need it in my studies and i’ve an exam of TWL (teaching english as foreign langage ),,,,,,i wanted to look for how to be a good teacher,and you’ve helped me,thank you so much

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