Improving Classroom Quality

Classroom quality is depending on the teaching and learning process which takes place inside it. Also it depends on the relationship between students and their teacher. The learning process involves students and teacher interaction. So we should improve the method of interaction between teachers in the introduction of new lessons in classroom. Furthermore, this process takes into consideration the facilities available to the teachers in imparting knowledge to their students. In this regard, teachers should be adequately provided for in terms of the latest technological equipment. With these factors and the under mentioned factors, I think classroom quality will be improved.

1-    We should allow students to participate in the learning process– By allowing students to participate in teams that require multiplicity and diversity of the tasks; their learning abilities will be enhanced. In this connection, students can be organized into education and learning teams as required by the circumstances and content of teaching seminar.

2-    Strengthen the teamwork between the students– By the distribution of roles and responsibilities among them, and this can involve them in a deeper stage of education before entering into tertiary education.

3- Maintaining positive environment– By maintaining good teacher-students relationship, this will create a positive learning environment which will ultimately lead to improved students performance.

For us as teachers, I suggest some strategies if adopted may aid the teaching process and at the end of the day may improve Classroom quality.

1-    Transfer from known to unknown– Teachers should be careful in introducing new information in the class. In this sense, a progressive methodology of moving from the known to the unknown can be very beneficial to students understanding.

2-    From touchable to abstract– Borrowing from the English proverb which says: “Seeing is believing” I advice teachers to mostly start with what students can touch and see. Building from this solid foundation you can move to the abstract and there will be a great tendency for your students to be with you.

3-    Give assignments and test based on Students’ ability– Assignment and tests must be compatible with students’ level and ability. Because this is necessary to keep the students motivated. Because a teacher who gives his or her students work beyond will discourage them and left them unmotivated.

4-    Giving them frequent revision to make sure that they understand– Learning without revision could be almost meaningless, therefore, by giving regular revision students will be abreast with what they have learned. Observations have proven that even weak students can improve considerable when given frequent revision exercises.

5-    Knowing the students’ cultural background– A teacher who knows the students’ cultural background will be able to relate to them well. This will be helpful in the learning process.

Considering the above mentioned points, I think if implemented will bring about a considerable improvement to the classroom quality. Should in case you think of any additional points relating to this issue of classroom improvement they will be warmly welcome.


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