Using Course Book in Classroom

I was discussing with one of my colleagues the other day about the necessity of using course book in the classroom; then I managed to come up with the following points after our discussion:

1. Organization and Planning- Course book is organized units of work and outlined all the plans and lessons that teachers are to cover in a specific topic in some detail.

2. Helping beginning teachers – Teachers who are new in the field of teaching are in need of a material that clearly designs each lesson in detail. Therefore a course book provides the needed assistance.

3. Exceptional Teaching Aids- Course book is a very important teaching tool that supports teachers to clarify and simplify the material for their students.

4. Excellent Learning Resource – Because course books are organized and carefully planned, this provides the students with the much needed resources for their smooth learning process.

5. Sequential Presentation of Information- As a result of the preparation of the information in course book in an orderly manner; this allows the teacher to present material in a balanced and sequential way.

6. Provision of Teaching Procedures- Course books provides a detailed sequence of teaching procedures that tells what to do and when to do it. Everything is carefully planned and so there are no surprises.

7. Outlining a Complete Program- The series are usually based on the latest research and teaching strategies therefore they provide administrators and teachers with a complete and comprehensive program.

In conclusion, the above are the some of the factors which make course book one of the most important tools in the teaching and learning process.

Any comments will be recieved gratefully .

5 comments on “Using Course Book in Classroom

  1. You make a great case for keeping textbooks in the classroom. We are just going to start our plans to update our textbooks and I was going to advocate against buying new ones and instead getting computers with the savings. However after reading your article I might change my mind.

    Do you think that what really needs to change is how the book publishers sell their products. Do we need less physical books and more of the resources they provide which can be put online for teachers to access? Maybe purchase these resources instead of the actual books.

    • Thanks very much for sharing us your opinion .
      We should have course book inside classroom whether it is hardcover or software as a pdf files ” no problem” .The most important thing is that we have coursebook to follow.

  2. Thank you for your fruitful article. I enjoy reading your blog and I’m a big fan of you for sure, sir.

    Sometimes you need to get alnog with textbooks and introduce the source of a certain aspect from textbooks. That’s totally fine with most teachers. But, reading a textbook is like getting a written transcript of radio announcer VS seeing the actual ball game. Which would you rather experience?

    It’s kinda a relief to use textbooks from teachers’ point of view.
    What about students?

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