How to select what fit your abilities !

 For most High school students, deciding a field of study in college might pose the most difficult problem in their lives. Therefore, they need to put thought and effort in deciding the path that they are going to thread on; taking in to consideration the bigger picture of life.  However in making this important decision the following points should be noted:


Knowing Your Interest

 Only you will truly know what interests you, and what can keep your attention if you were to do it as a job. Maybe you are really into the law, maybe you like to help people, or maybe you just like being in charge. By figuring out what you are interested in, and what makes you happy, it becomes easier to single out exactly what field it is that you will want to go into. You don’t have to choose a field based on what you think will either make rich or famous! It doesn’t work like that .It is hard to imagine anyone who is either rich or famous starting out with those vague notions as their goal. You have to choose what you really love to do and money will follow in truckloads, you’ll be a richer person if you love what you do.

 Don’t choose what you think will be easy. Nothing worth having will ever be an easy process, and you shouldn’t give up on what you enjoy doing just because it could be too hard. You don’t want to look back at graduation, and realize that you really wanted to go into something else.

 Also, don’t decide upon a field of study based on what others expect you to do. Just because everyone in your family chooses that section before, doesn’t mean you have to follow them. You have right to choose what you think you have interest for.


Knowing Your Skills

  It is absolutely necessary to be realistic about your strengths and weakness. If you are weak in mathematics, physics and biology, the science section might not be right for. It might not be a wise choice.

 Furthermore, in order to assess your strength and weaknesses, you may try out a variety of activities while you are still in  high school through volunteer work groups. This lets you get a feel for things without making a decision about the field you will choose. It could lead you in some surprising directions as well.

 Finally, realize that the field you start with is not a life sentence. If you have at least started in an area that does not interests you, you can easily move into a related field that suits you better later on.


2 comments on “How to select what fit your abilities !

  1. Most students consider taking prompt decisions in response to the stable or unstable situations as a risky item. Hesitation is considered as the hindered factor of taking the right and suitable decisions , which in turn result in killing the ambitions and generate frustrations. Setting goals before begin certain career or education path, will create hopes of success and access or channel to the final target. Also, this will alleviate the scary of serious consequences.

    thank you saeed for this informative article

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