How to enjoy your job

Nowadays, officers are different. Before decades you see officers were  active in their works. They came on time and work in a very good way. They appreciated their work very much. So they did it perfectly. Also they are friendly . But now the number of lazy officers is rising.

These lazy officers come to their offices late. They walk slowly and sometimes sleep in their offices. When the company customers come to them, they show customers that they are unwelcome.

Some of you will wonder why we have like this kind of officers. Actually, there are some reasons behind these phenomena

Some of them take their job just to get a salary at the end of the month .So he tries not to  make any efforts as much as possible. This kind of officer should understand that ( Allah) will punish them for the money they take for nothing.

The other kind, they become lazy because of work routine. So they become like machines or computers. They  just do what their boss ask just. Any person feels boring by this way. But he needs more fun in his work. So I advice him to try to entrain himself by drinking coffee ,eating breakfast, playing football, using internet connection to read news.

Some of officers hate their work because of bad dealing he received from his colleagues or his boss. I advice him not to bother himself a lot. Try to just do your duty and ignore any person who tries to bother you.

Some of officers are frustrating because of heavy load he has with low salary especially when he sees other officers have light load with a high salary .So I advice companies to raise the salary of this kind of officers

Actually companies should take care to provide facilities such as places and machines for their officer’s entertainment such as playground for footballs computer laborites, coffee shops, libraries and swimming pool . This will double your officer productivity. Then you will win at the end of the day.


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