My dreams with digital classroom

 I teach English language for High school students. My course book has many lessons which focusing on some drills relating to reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. But one of my lovely lessons which is about conversations which are type of drills I mention before.  .Actually, I read the conversation loudly .Then I start discuss the content of conversation. I sometimes use cassette recorder to make my students listen to the native speaker .But I note students did not interact that much with cassette recorder.

This traditional method makes me feel sick. I wish I could change this to something unfamiliar and something unusual. I suggest that How much I would like that I could make internet connection  with another classroom around the world their students who are English native speaker .We can use Skype messenger  to connect with another classroom in another country for example “England “.

If you ask me” How can we do that?” I will reply” we can do that by making connection  by Skype messenger .This messenger is unique. Before that we have to make preparation between you as a teacher of classroom and another teacher .You have to discuss which conversation you would like to discuss .Then when you agree .You can then explain you lesson as usual .Then when Practice time begins when you open Skype messenger .Then make connection with a teacher in another classroom in England .Take a permission from him to start practicing .After that, choose one of your students to make conversation with another students in  another classroom who are native speaker .That’s will be very interesting .Also that’s will encourage students to speak as I think. During conversation each one of these students Saudi student and these English students can see each others .It is like face to face conversation .What is a wonderful experience they may get.

Here in Saudi Arabia we follow single sex education .In Britain there is a Single sex education. If you may make agreement with them, don’t bother yourself .You will see just males . It is a fantastic idea I wish I could apply it once a day.


7 comments on “My dreams with digital classroom

  1. Actually, it is always good to be ambitious; especially when it come to improving teaching methods. keep your dream alive! God willing it will one day materialize. Thanks and keep it up!

  2. you are so cool my freind . It is good way really to encourage our student and give them a chance to talk with natives.

    this way is not impossible it is easy to be done.

    really you are a good planner…

  3. I teach English with computers and software. If you need some ideas on using technology in your classroom, feel free to ask me.

    By the way, my latest student activity was to have my students make their own English TV commercials using their camera phones. I had a good laugh just watching the videos.

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