Lets’s kill some time

Any person in this life face many difficulties and problem, he should overcome them.But if this person did not have willing to coming across them .So he will suffer alot .Some of people are poor even they have many opportunities to become rich but they are wasting all of them .Because they are not ready to face all these things.

I sometimes ask some of my students why don’t you do your home work? .Then They replied “Sorry my teacher, we didn’t have time to do homework!! “.

After five minutes ,some one knocked the classroom door. Then I said “come in” .Next I asked him why did you come late ?. Then he replied ” I wake up late, I’m sorry my teacher!!”.

I usually ask my students to prepare the next lesson. Next day, I ask my students “Who prepared next lesson” .Then no respond I get .Actually no one prepare next lesson.

I wonder how much my students interested in football matches. You find them sitting in front of Tv screens before football match time waiting for it.

When class time finished .They stand up and jump quickly. Then I ask them where do you want to go? They said “Class time finished .Lets go”.

Once a day, I ask one of my students .Why did your friends waste their own time in evening and they don’t study. He said we usually feel boring .Because of that we always try to kill some times.

As I think there is a problem in the way our students think .They just wanted to get all things without any efforts. They would like to get everything in a fast way like “Fast Food “.How can we solve this problem.

First thing ,I think we should teach them How to do every thing in this life depending on theirselves not in anyone .This is will make them facing life difficulties with stronger hearts than before .

Second one, we have to respect their abilities and praise them when they make any good efforts .Actually this makes them encouraging them to do more good things in their life.


12 comments on “Lets’s kill some time

  1. this seems to be true here in the United States also, everyone is in too much of a hurry, you gotta make projects fun and exiting, then they’ll be waiting for class to start instead of the football game

  2. Hi Mr. Saeed
    in my opinino i think the secret is { students know very well they are going to pass easily without any effort }

  3. I think it is a question of laziness, they waste their time in watching TV, chatting, shopping and so on and so forth… I think that the best solution lies in organizing educational programs to reduce these phenomena and to solve such problems

  4. Hi Mr Saeed
    That is very good idea to write down . I think the most problem of that is the environment which prepared for study . In other countries which are developed before a hundred of years , the authority of the schools prepare every convenient thing in a good way . The other thing is the the criteria of choosing the teachers . I remembered when I studied in a high school , there are some of the teachers use some thing taboo like drugs and cigarettes . So the confidence between teachers and students seems to be loosing .
    ThanKs dear friend

  5. Teaching a language like English doesn’t need a traditional way or a typical way, the variety is a basic part to teach, nobody dislikes speaking English fluently like good speakers everywhere, that’s absolutely an adequate motivation for all students.
    and also anybody likes to listen to an American movie without reading the translation below, that’s of course another kind of stimuli, reading perfectly like the announcers on BBC and CNN, is another way etc….
    “what would you like to be?” is a question have to be asked for each student, in my opinion that’s the only way to do it successfully. Learning any thing requires having a goal supported with a big desire and of course a real impulse.

    • Welcome,
      awesome comment
      what would you like to be?.Yah you got .that is our problem .Most students would like to get job which didn’t need English language .So because of that .they are careless.Nice point.
      Thanks alot.

  6. As a native english speaker myself I find communicating far easier than foreign students. I have every sympathy as it is not an easy language. (To speak,write Etc) .

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